Homelessness Comes in All Forms

Where will I sleep tonight? Anyone forced into homelessness has asked themselves that question, and anyone who has asked themselves that question has never forgotten how it made them feel.

My name is Kim Valentine.  At the age of 14, I was asking myself those questions. Despite my own circumstances improving, I always remained keenly aware of the local homeless. While my main mission at Operation Helping Hands is to help the homeless as someone who understands their needs and struggles, my motivation also stemmed from my hope to educate and empower my own three children. I wanted my children to appreciate the privileges and opportunities granted to them, and to instill within them a sense of social responsibility and understanding for those less fortunate.

That is why I founded Operation Helping Hands, a non-profit organization that provides essential hygiene and necessity items to homeless individuals throughout Southern California with the participation of local youth.  Make a donation to support Operation Helping Hands SoCal.

I no longer ask myself where I will sleep at night. But I know that so many people still do. So I continually ask myself a new question; one that I feel truly blessed to ask. How can I lend a helping hand today?

Kim Valentine-Founder and President


Think Big. Act Bigger.

Ways you can Help

  • Donate to the Spring or Winter Project to help purchase the backpacks and the items that go inside
  • Sponsor events such as the projects or annual golf tournament
  • Volunteer at our events or volunteer to be a chaperone
  • Volunteer to count inventory of items for the projects

Ways You Can Help

Donors can donate money to help sponsor a college student by providing a monthly stipend towards their housing so that they can focus on their educational goal. Donor can also not only donate money to purchase the goods necessary but are encouraged to come help on assembly day to pack backpacks full of the essential items. The day following assembly day, adults are encouraged to chaperone and supervise as the youth personally deliver the backpacks to the homeless right on the streets from city to city spanning Los Angeles County, The Inland Empire, Orange County and San Diego County.